After Rome, the only place in Europe where you can taste the legendary Tartufo Tre Scalini.
The dessert ice cream still made according to the secret recipe from 1946.




The “Tartufo” is a sweet ice cream made of pure chocolate that has the taste and charm of things of the past.

The “Tartufo” is a classic dessert in the Roman tradition.

It was invented in Tre Scalini and is now known worldwide as the Tre Scalini “Tartufo”.

The recipe for ‘Tartufo’, created in 1946,by the founder of the Ciampini family, uses 13 different qualities of cocoa from Austria and has remained a jealously guarded secret to this day, despite many attempts to imitate it.

The “Tartufo” Tre Scalini, still prepared according to the original recipe by our master chefs, is served with a generous portion of soft cream and a crispy wafer and can be enjoyed in every season.

It is the speciality of the restaurant and is famous all over the world.

According to many, it must be tried at least once in a lifetime.


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